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Wednesday, February 4th, 2004
5:22 pm
Word jeff has a brother lol
Stephen is his name and he's going to be a very good companion.
Saturday, January 31st, 2004
7:01 pm

You Are Brunette!

Seductive and coy, you know how to get what you want.

Bat those pretty little eyes and men melt at your every wish.

Toss back a lock of that dark mystique and the guys come runnin'.

They say blondes have more fun, but as a brunette - you catch them hook, line AND sinker baby!

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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003
2:17 pm
You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

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Thursday, November 6th, 2003
6:20 am
Your soul is bound to the White Rose: The

"I've been waiting in the dark for a long
time, shining my beacon of hope through the
shadow. If you see me, don't you hide your
eyes from me."

The White Rose is associated with purity, honor,
and chastity. It is governed by the goddess
Artemis and its sign is The Cross, or Agape.

As a White Rose, you are a person of your word.
You may have a strong moral code, but
regardless of your virtue, you always stay true
to yourself. To you, love is the most pure of
emotional forms and it's just a matter of
waiting for it to bless you. Some people may
say you are too idealistic, but it's only
because you don't want to mess things up.

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Tuesday, September 30th, 2003
1:12 pm
needs reduction

Whoa, You Need To Tame Those Puppies!

People always know when you're coming, because your boobs

get there five minutes before you do!

Your back must be hurting.

Think about a reduction, before your nipples hit your waist.

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Monday, September 15th, 2003
12:21 am
Sunday, September 14th, 2003
8:20 pm
OK lemme break it dooooown

I got a jacket at Burlington for $30. I loved it... Fast forward to Coyote, I went with Andrea up there and we met Melissa. Then I found Rob, Cheryl, and Lindsey. We got to our table and decided to wait for Howie...Found him and Josh and Mark and we all sat down. We got daquiris and stuff and then Jenn and Lenny showed.

OK lets skip dinner. The waiter was an ass. He was loading too much off the table at one time and dropped the platter plate from chicken fingers and got sauce alllllll over the bottom of my new jacket. NICE. So i bitched about it and the guy eventually gave me $30 for it.

The waiter came up to me b4 I left and goes, so what happened? And I said I settled it with the manager and got reembursed and the guy was like WHOA that NEVER happens did you smell beer on his breath or something?? And i simply said. No. Im Italian. It was sooo funny. Cheryl like hit me cuz she couldnt believe i said that but hey. Jenn was shocked I even made a scene out of it cuz I NEVER usually bitch about anything but i was pISSED this was a new fucking jacket.

What happened was I went up to the manager with the bill to pay and I gave him a paper with my contact info on it and I asked him what his name was and he goes "can I see the jacket" rather than saying "his name." I was like sure its back here. And I told him it was brand new, 30 bucks, and that i still had the receipt.

I slept over at Idnas afterwards and we had some crazy time. as usual
Wednesday, September 10th, 2003
12:21 pm
Im the link of the day!! whoO!! go to www.wrrv.com and go to boris and jen, you'll see it says Jay is sober! submitted by Jenna Lynne. ::Points to me!!::

lol i have nothing really to write........
Tuesday, September 9th, 2003
1:33 pm
retro sexy

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You have a classic sex appeal that passes the test of time.

You're feminine, subtle with your seductions, and perfectly tuned into men.

A woman with your attention to detail is rare find and a true prize.

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Sunday, September 7th, 2003
9:42 pm
You would kill Avril by...
Making her listen to her own music over and over
and over and over and over and over and over
and over and over and over again until she
eventually goes insane and kills herself.

Avril Lavigne - How will you torture and kill her?
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Saturday, September 6th, 2003
5:21 pm
You are a lumber jack! I bow down to your greatness :D
I bow down to your awesomeness. You truly are a
Knight of the Round Table, ready to defend
yourself against the Knights of Ni, use the
Holy Grenade of Antioch, and RUN
AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! from the horrible monster
barber who truly desires to be a singing
lumberjack. Or better yet, you are Brian,
fighting off the misguided crowds and wondering
what on earth you did wrong to wind up singing
"Always Look on the Bright Side of
Life" while hanging on the cross. Well
whoever you choose all I have to say is Go

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Monday, August 25th, 2003
4:38 pm
I'm A NURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well my unofficial score is PASS!!!! whoot!! YaY I can shoot people for a living!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: accomplished
Sunday, August 24th, 2003
7:38 pm
Onami - The Maiden of Sky

What Maiden are you?
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Current Mood: drained
Thursday, August 21st, 2003
9:27 pm
Yeah I am really scared for tomm. None of my friends came thru for me with study books. Im so tired right now. Im just gunna take my contacts out and sleep in a few. I have to get up at like 5 AM...Gah..


Current Mood: drained
1:55 pm
cheryl quiz lol
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